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After we launched our tomato vegetable soup we decided why not do one with a beefless broth.  Well here you go, brought moms famous soup recipe to the table for you all to enjoy.

This recipe we have hand choosen a beautiful selection of garden fresh vegetables and added Chef Niva's taste like beef seasoning as an added touch to the base for the broth. This combination of flavors are just spectacular.

This recipe can be made on your stovetop or simply add 2 cups of boiling water straight to the pouch. Seal and wait 15 minutes. 

Our FAMILY SIZE units are also available in the option drop down tab. Pouches require stovetop and units can make almost a gallon of product. You can utilize 1 cup of the meal at a time.  Product will stay fresh in our mylar pouch once opened for up to 8 months.